Our Method Of Learning

Four Steps to Success

Personalized Lessons

The Tuition Point Action Plan spells out for our tutors what work the child is required to do in each lesson. The lessons are split into bite-size chunks to enable the child to move forward in small increments. With this method of teaching, a child sees results quickly, thus building confidence and creating enthusiasm to move forward. The lessons aim to eliminate possible weak areas while enhancing natural talent, creating enthusiasm for learning and building children’s confidence.

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We have a firm belief in praising a child’s work, (we use Open Badges to reward achievement) – this builds confidence and changes a child’s attitude to learning and studying. Our teaching method ensures children reach their potential and gain confidence, in turn providing parents with valuable peace of mind.

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Regular Assesments

We first provide the child with a full assessment to assess where help may be needed, they take one to two hours to complete and are designed to thoroughly test a child’s ability and standards of achievement. Assessments (selected according to the child’s age) vary depending on what the child may be experiencing difficulty with and can include Mathematics, English, Reading and Spelling, or a combination of any of these elements.You can edit all of this text and replace it with what you want to write.

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Constant Feedback

Parents, teachers and children are able to communicate via the child’s Action Plan. Parents can monitor each lesson’s results and see what work will be set for the next lesson.

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